7 Things That Teenagers Wish Their Parents Understood

The life of a child quickly changes from a little kid into a teenager. Teens find it harder to have someone understand them, especially the grown-ups in their life. I write this article as a reminder to parents who have forgotten what it was like being a teenager. Related ProductsLoading products..

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The Power Struggle: She Won’t Listen or Do What I Say

Here’s the hard part for moms. In your head it’s super clear. You need her to clean her room. That’s not asking too much. It’s the least she can do. You are having guests over and you are cleaning the rest of the house, plus making dinner etc. You’ve done everything right. You’ve let her […]

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Four Strategies That Can Help Your Impulsive Child Immediately

Did you ever have an experience where you were trying to count something and someone shouted other numbers at you to try to throw you off track? The highly distracted child has a similar experience all of the time. Any distraction can seem like someone is shouting random numbers. These children have trouble reading unless […]

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How to Choose the Right School Shoes for Kids

There is always a sense of excitement with kids when they are heading towards a new standard as they are surrounded by a fresh lot of books, stationery, backpacks, lunch accessories, uniform and much more. It’s a whole new world of learning, growing and exploring for them, which is always backed by your guidance and […]

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No Gifts Please

So what should you do when receiving a kid’s birthday invitation with “No Gifts Please”? The first couple of times I saw this I went ahead and took a gift anyway because it felt odd to arrive empty handed. I took it upon myself to make the decision but the truth is that even though […]

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