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Don’t Look at Me That Way!

My daughter is a dancer and is keenly aware of movement. Because of this she has an interesting talent. She can identify and mimic all my families’ signature moves. It is hilarious. All of us have gestures that we tend to repeat like my nephew scratches his head before he puts on his cap. My […]

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Fashion Conscious Baby Boys and Their Clothes

Children, especially babies, are sensitive and hence clothes should be bought with care. It is possible that your little baby boy might be sensitive to certain fabrics. Therefore keep this in mind when you buy clothes for them. In-fact, there are an abundant choices for baby clothes online, so much so that you will be […]

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Summer Day Camp Keeps Kids Learning

Summer day camp keeps kids learning even when school’s out. With nature hikes, swimming, sailing, theatrical skits, arts and crafts, field trips and various athletic activities, kids are constantly learning new skills, tapping into their creative sides and along the way learning a lot about themselves. Nature Many camps include nature-based activities as a part […]

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5 Ways to Make Going Back to School on Crutches Easier

Going back to school is hard enough, but if your child is on crutches, the challenges will be even larger this year. There are plenty of things you can do in advance to make the transition easier on your non-weight bearing child. Here are 5 ways to make going back to school on crutches easier […]

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When Young People Have to Make New Friends

There are times in life when young people have to accept that there is a need to start over and make new friends. They may have moved school, have fallen out with their old friends or are simply feeling restless and dissatisfied with their existing arrangements. It’s time to move on, introduce new interests and […]

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