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Should My Kids Go To Summer Camp?

When the kids are out of school, much of your time is spent figuring out how to keep them occupied for three long months. You try neighborhood activities and events at the local library, but ultimately there is just too much time to occupy while trying to still maintain your daily routine. Fortunately for the […]

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What Replenishes Your “I Feel Good” Energy?

It’s important to be aware of what truly replenishes you. Here’s why. When your body is low on “I Feel Good” energy, it protests. Unconsciously you feel, “I deserve some reward. This isn’t fair. I’m not having any fun. I hate how I feel.” On automatic pilot, you will grab anything to feel good. This […]

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Why You Should Take Your Children Go-Karting

Children can be quite a handful especially when nothing seems to excite them. The video games and TV eventually become boring and they will start looking for other things more fun to get involved in. If you are looking for exciting ways to keep your children engaged, you might find Go-Karting an amazing choice. This […]

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The Leprechaun at the Rainbow’s End

Once upon a time in a dense forest far from the nearest village and high upon the mountainside there lived an odd fellow. A fire burned with rocks placed all around it. The old man sat on a toads stool as his small fingers moved the red needle in and out. He was busy sewing […]

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How to Make Reading Fun for New Readers

If you can make reading fun for your child, an amazing thing will happen. Your little one will seek out books, eager to learn and practice new skills. Children, especially young ones, learn in a variety of styles, and understanding those will enable you to appeal to your little one’s unique approach. Changing the setting […]

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